Model: IFD968OCC

Collection: 900 ANTIQUE

Features & Benefits:

1. 100 Solid pine construction.
2. Six step multi color distressed nitrocellulose finish on hand brushed wood.
3. Mortise and tenon joinery on solid wood frame.
4. Drawers feature wood stop to prevent drawer box to fall out when pulled. No metal glides.
5. Hand carved wooden pulls.
6. Iron mesh shelves finished with high quality oven treated paint.

1. First grade selected pine wood is a great value.
2. Six step finish protects the wood and your clothes. Our finish wont bleed or fade.
3. Mortise and tenon joints are among the strongest joints in woodworking. Each piece is handassembled to ensure its integrity and stability.
4. Drawer stop avoids accidents while pulling drawer out.
5. Beautiful unique pulls add to our hand crafted artisan look.
6. Oven treated pain on iron wont chip or peel.


IFD968CKTL Cocktail Table w/4 Drawers 50 x 30-1/4 x 19-1/2 66 lb  
IFD968SOFA Sofa Table w/3 Drawers 55 x 16 x 30 55 lb  
IFD968END End Table w/1 Drawer 23 x 23 x 26 35 lb  
IFD968CST Chair Side Table w/1 Drawer 14 x 18 x 26 24 lb  

Product care

In order to keep your newly purchased product from IFD, please follow these:
1) Our furniture is for indoor use only. Try to keep it in conditions that are not too dry or too humid.
2) To clean our products use a dry cloth only or a slightly moist cloth with water if necessary. The use of abrassive cleaners might affect the quality and look of the finish of your piece.
3) If your piece experiences slight movements of wood, use a wood finish stain marker if necessary.