IFD offers home furnishings exclusively manufactured in our Company-owned Factories. From product construction, ensuring our pieces are built to last a lifetime, to consistency in finishes and service, the IFD difference is commitment and care in everything we do

Our manufacturing state-of -the-art facilities import around 3,500 53’ truckloads per year with the capacity of a 30% expansion if demand requires. Our wood and metal capabilities allow us for a variety of mixed media looks. Vertically integrated manufacturing process includes the crafting all types of ornamental and functional hardware, plus direct sourcing for local raw such as exotic hardwood. Our Guadalajara plant is one of the largest sawmills in the state, fully equipped with 10 Italian kiln dryers that are sustainably fueled with saw dust from our sawmill.

In recent years, our company has committed to a responsible development by focusing on how the usage of our raw materials will impact younger generations. All our furniture is made using solid wood because we enjoy nature and value having a unique piece of a tree in our home. IFD’s private re-forestation program has been planting around 40,000 trees each year since 2016.