Reforestation Program


For the last five years, we have been vertically integrating our company by adding several automatic mills and now, with the addition of ten Italian Kiln dryers, we are able to keep our methods of sourcing unique and our product line fresh and sustainable. For instance, products made under our sustainable wood collections are handcrafted from Mango wood, which comes from the Pacific and Atlantic coasts of Mexico. IFD recently purchased dozens of acres of Mango tree farmlands that were no longer productive for the food industry and has turned them into beautiful furniture pieces.

By taking advantage of other industries by-products, we lower the impact on our environment.

This new, sustainable, Mango wood has a beautiful grain and its natural color varies depending on the richness of the soil where each tree grows, thus allowing for our furniture to remain of the utmost quality and maintain its spectacular appearance, while also managing to be sustainable.

Implemented in 2016, our reforestation project is privately funded by International Furniture Direct and is grown on company-owned land. The current project will allow for trees to be harvested as soon as 8 years from now, and for every consecutive year after. IFD has hired local experts to run the project that is planting 40,000 trees every year for at least 14 years. Tree species include: Parota, Mahogany, Habillo, Rosewood and primavera. We hope that with the implementation of these more sustainable strategies, we will be able to not only minimize our own environmental impacts but assist other industries with minimizing theirs as well.